3 Feel-Good Movies To Watch When You’re Sad

Feeling a bit down lately? No worries! Sometimes all it takes is a feel-good movie experience to light up your day.

Here are 3 feel-good films that will leave you smiling throughout the rest of your day!

Little Miss Sunshine

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This 2006 film tells the story of a dysfunctional family that decides to travel across the country when their 7-year-old daughter is qualified for a beauty pageant called “Little Miss Sunshine”. 

Little Miss Sunshine manages to resonate with so many people till this day as it does not shy away from tackling sensitive issues such as depression, suicide, failure, and addiction.  

Every character in this film is flawed which makes it so much more relatable and meaningful to its viewers. 

The stacked cast of this film consists of Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Paul Dano, Alan Arkin, Greg Kinnear, and Abigail Breslin. Alan Arkin was awarded an Academy Award for his grounded performance as the grandfather who suffers from drug addiction. 

Michael Arndt’s screenplay reminds us that we should never be influenced by social expectations and instead embrace our authentic selves at all times. His sensational screenplay earned him an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. 

If you love movies related to family dynamics and road trips, then Little Miss Sunshine is the movie for you!

Jerry Maguire

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Charismatic sports agent Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) decides to start his own management firm with the assistance of his former colleague, Dorothy Boyd (Renee Zellweger) after getting fired. Jerry acts as an independent agent with his only one volatile client, Rob Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr.) while learning about the struggle and beauty of life. 

This isn’t your typical rom-com flick with sports elements in it. Jerry Maguire is a film about love, passion, desire, and redemption. Tom Cruise’s vulnerable and charming performance as the independent sports agent makes viewers root for him till the end. 

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s magnetic performance as the NFL’s superstar, Rob Tidwell earned him an Academy Award in a supporting role. 

Jerry Maguire’s quotable dialogues such as “Show me the money”, “You had me at hello”, and “You complete me” are one of the many reasons why it’s such an iconic film. This 1996 film reminds viewers that despite many challenges life throws at us, what truly matters is how you respond to it. 

Be sure to check out this classic! I’m sure it’ll make you feel a bit more optimistic about life when the end credits roll!

School Of Rock

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After being kicked out of his rock band, guitarist Dewey Finn (Jack Black) becomes a substitute teacher at a well-established private elementary school where he exposes his students to heavy metal and hard rock. He then learns that his students are talented young musicians, and decides to form a rock band in order to participate and win at a local band contest. 

This rock musical hits all the right beats, quite literally. It’s funny, emotional, passionate, and immensely entertaining due to its writing and direction by Mike White and Richard Linklater respectively. Jack Black is humorous and likeable as the eccentric Dewey Finn. The chemistry shared between him and his students are essentially the heart of this film. 

School of Rock has a great commentary about why we as individuals should always be enthusiastic about the things we love to do. This film shows that by expressing ourselves through what we love to do can then inspire the people around us to do the same. 

Get your popcorn ready for this one! It’s going to be one heck of a show!  

So there you go! Do check out these film recommendations when you’re feeling gloomy. I hope these films will enlighten your mood whenever life gets tough.

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