3 Movies That Will Give You The Shivers This Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching you might find yourself in the mood for some spooky movies. It’s always fun to watch a couple of scary movies on Halloween. Although we Malaysians may not celebrate the holiday as much as other countries do, we still enjoy the spooky vibes of it.

If you’re not into Halloween then maybe you’re just someone who feels like scaring themselves tonight, either way, the movies below will give you the heebie-jeebies.

Be warned some of these movies may be scarier than what you expected!

Image from Candyman via IMDb

Candyman (2021)

Trigger Warning: 18+, Violence, Disturbing Imagery

Candyman is one of the newest horror movies of this year. It stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen as Anthony McCoy and Teyonah Parris as Brianna Cartwright. Anthony is an artist who is living in Chicago with his girlfriend Brianna.

We learn that Anthony is feeling stuck with his art and struggling to create pieces. After he hears the story of a killing spree that occurred in the 1990s, he decides to explore the area it took place in for inspiration.

What he finds, however- or more specifically what he brings back – is more than just inspiration.

This movie is an amazing slasher thriller with substance. It is interesting to see how the movie uses elements of horror with themes of racism and inequality. Even though this movie has excellent storytelling, some aspects of the plot do get lost.

This is mostly because the background of the movie is based on the 1992 film of the same name. But, if you do watch the 1992 film you will find that Candyman 2021 is a fantastic addition to the series.

Image from Goodnight Mommy via IMDb

Goodnight Mommy (2014)

Trigger Warning: 18+, Violence, Disturbing Imagery

Goodnight Mommy isn’t a wholesome family movie as the title suggests. This horror mystery will have you crouching in fear in one minute then weeping the next.

Goodnight Mommy is an Austrian movie whose original title “Ich seh, Ich seh” translates to “I see, I see.” The movie stars young twin boys whose mother has returned from cosmetic surgery. With her face completely bandaged and her odd behaviour, the boys become convinced that something is wrong. The movie is set in the family’s isolated lakeside home.

Alongside this creepy setting, the cinematography of the film adds to its eeriness. Each shot is a detailed and deliberate show of what the director wants the audience to see. This makes every shot feel important, even the most mundane ones.

Other than the way it was shot the cast did an excellent job in their performances. The way the actors embody their characters made their performances more realistic. This adds another depth of creepiness to the movie, that just seems to get under your skin.

Image from Death Becomes Her via IMDb

Death Becomes Her (1992)

Trigger Warning: 18+, Violence, Disturbing Imagery

It wouldn’t be a Halloween movie marathon without a classic. Death Becomes Her is as mortifying as it is hilarious. This dark comedy stars Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis.

The movie is about ex-friends out for blood and a man – who was the cause of their fallout – being strung along.

The premise of this movie is that Madeline Ashton (Meryl Streep) – a washed-up actress – is unhappy with her life. She is married to Ernest Menville (Bruce Willis) an alcoholic with little interest in her. This was a contrast to their early relationship when Ernest left his then-fiance Helen Sharp (Goldie Hawn) after falling for Madeline.

Enter Helen Sharp, Madeline’s ex-friend and Ernest’s ex-fiance. Years after her break-up with the two, Helen returns to their lives seeming better than ever.

Helen reappears to take her revenge on Madeline – who she blames for ruining her life – and the two are caught in absolute chaos. Without giving too much away let’s just in the middle of their conflict the ladies discover the fountain of youth and get more than what they bargain for.

The humour in the movie is mostly slapstick but there are quite a few witty lines. The two ladies are a comical duo who are narcissistic and despite their dislike for one another, very similar.

Although you might find the pacing of the movie slightly odd, it doesn’t overshadow the movie. Although this movie might not have you shivering in fear, it will have you shaking in laughter.

If you watch any of the movies on this list talk about what you think in the comments! You can even suggest a few of your horrific flicks!

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