3 Tap Tale Interactive Story Apps You Should Try

Love reading? Here are some interactive story games you should try!

Being someone who grew up loving to read, I find that in recent years I have had less time and energy to read a proper book. My visits to the local bookstores dwindled to just 4 to 6 times a year. And in those 4 to 6 visits in a year, I’ve only left the bookstores with 2 book purchases. Sad figures, huh!

Some years back, after I have lost my job, I moved back to my hometown to stay with my parents. In the months between looking for jobs, spending time with family, and church activities, I found time to read again.

But here’s the catch: I found it hard to go back to picking up a book to read again. Whatever genres I used to love reading, I realized that I’ve lost my love for it. I’ve tried a lot of ways to get myself reading again but to no avail.

But here’s what changes my love for reading…

Finding Tap Tale Interactive Story Apps

One afternoon, I was surfing through social media and I saw an advert for a tap tale interactive story game. The app was so funny it is right up my alley. Never have I gone on to Google Play Store so fast to download it.

As soon as I started playing the story game, I was obsessed. And everything went from there. I even told my friends about it and they recommend me another similar app. I quickly download it and things went from there too.

Reading tap tale interactive stories help me get my love for reading back. It has helped me get back into reading physical books too. And I didn’t regret it one bit.

What Are Tap Tale Interactive Stories?

Tap tales are more popularly known as interactive stories. How the “game” function is that the author will create a storyline with impactful (or not) choices. The readers will make their choices and the ending will be pre-determined by them.

It does not come in a physical book. However, it’s an app that you can download on your phone or tablet. You can link your social media accounts or emails and play them on desktops too.

Readers can start a story and create their own characters – usually known as the “main character” (MC for short). You can customize your MC and your love interests (LI for short). The customization part is not available across all stories in the tap tale interactive stories app, but the majority of the stories have that function.

You can find all kinds of genres available in the tap tale interactive stories platform. The most popular kinds are usually romance, since that the majority of the readership base are women. You can also find a small number of male players who play the stories too.

Tap Tale Interactive Stories You Should Try

Now that the basics have been established, here are some tap tale interactive story apps you should try.

I should point out here that these story platforms usually have contents that you probably may not agree on. For example, most, if not all of the stories on these platforms contain LGBTQ+ themes. They are not explicitly pushed in your face, and you can choose not to romance the same-sex characters as your MC. The choice and outcome of the stories you play on here are largely the routes you decide to take in the game itself.

1. Choices: Stories You Play

YouTube Video via PlayPixelberry Channel

Choices is an interactive story app with a huge myriad of story choices for you to choose from. It’s owned by Pixelberry Studios, which also creates several other game apps. So far, Choices has the most diversified list of books and comprehensive genres. Most books are 12+ teen-friendly, however, some of its stories have more mature content.

When you read a story, usually the stories are released chapter by chapter. If it’s a completed book, then you can read the chapters as you go. As long as you still have keys, that is. If it’s an ongoing story, then you will have to wait (usually) weekly for new chapters’ releases.

VIP books work differently in the sense that you will need to pay a subscription fee (different rates in different countries). Only then are you allowed to read the VIP stories. If you are a non-VIP player, then you will have to wait a few months before the VIP story is released to you. When it’s released, you may or may not have the liberty to read every chapter at one go, even if you have the keys to read it.

Some VIP-released books for non-VIP players are released in a weekly period. So that means you will need to wait another week before a new chapter is released, even when the book is already entirely released to VIP players.

When you play this story app, you will have 2 keys that refresh periodically. It’s a 3-hour refresh or wait-time period for 1 key. You will be given 2 keys max, so that means your total wait-time for the keys to fill up to full will be 6 hours total. As soon as you have completed a chapter, you will get 2 gems/diamonds. You will get an extra gem after watching an advert at the end of reading the story. However, it’s only limited to 1 advert per 1 completed chapter.

These gems that you collect along the way can be used to purchase in-story “paid choices”. If you don’t have enough gems, then you can only pick the free choice.


-Diversified list of stories and genres for you to choose from

So far of all the interactive tap tale games I’ve tried, Choices is the only one that has a lot of properly-written stories. The majority of the stories here flow very well with the exception of a few. The characters created are well-written too, so there’s a plus-point to this.

-Adult scenes are not exactly pushed in your face

We get that the majority of the players here are adult females with an exception of a small handful of male players. It means that a lot of these books contain sex scenes or adult themes.

However, these adult scenes are not placed openly in the stories’ contents. Most times these M-rated scenes are placed in paid/gem scenes. Before you choose these scenes filled with adult scenes, you will be warned before making that choice. If you don’t want to read it, you can choose to go for the free choice and skip over to the proceeding storyline.

Those choices may or may not affect the final outcome and endings of the story you play. Then again, a lot of paid choices in this game do have an influence on the final outcome of the stories.

-Better artwork than most other similar apps

I have to point it out here: that Choices’ artworks are actually one of the better ones you can see on such platforms. They hired experienced artists to work on the artwork and character expressions so that it’s easier for readers to see while reading the story.

You’ll find it hard to find similar platforms with similar artwork to Choices, with a few exceptions.


-Wait time for the reader keys is a bit too long.

Some readers voiced out that the wait time for the keys is a bit too long. It’s “too long” in the sense that 3 hours is a bit much of a wait time. If you don’t wish to wait, you can choose to buy the keys – if you don’t mind paying for them.

-Gems given to players are few and hard to mine.

This is an issue for early players because when they started off, they don’t have a lot of gems on them. They can’t mine the gems enough to choose the gem “paid” options, which sometimes can influence the outcome of the story’s ending.

However, in recent months Pixelberry Studios have made it slightly easier by providing incentives for readers and players to collect more gems. Or you can choose to spend money on buying the gems. It depends on how much you like the story to want to spend real-time money on it.

-Can’t replay earlier or specific chapters

This is another feature that some readers wish to see on this game platform. The issue here is that once you have completed a chapter or book, you cannot go back and play other chapters. If you want to read that specific chapter again, you will need to restart the entire book.

Some readers don’t like that, but it makes sense. Because if you were to re-read a chapter somewhere in the middle of the story, it may affect the outcome of the story’s ending.

2. The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

YouTube Video via Nix Hydra Games Channel

The Arcana is unlike Choices: Stories You Play. The Arcana is a “standalone” story where you will solve this mystery in a fantasy world. It’s created by Nix Hydra, the same North American company that produces Fictif. You will go through the same storyline from 6 different characters’ points of view.

As you are playing 6 different characters’ routes, you will see that there is an upright end and a reverse end. The choices you make with each characters’ routes will unlock one of these 2 choices. If you have unlocked an upright end, then you can go back to the earlier chapters and replay them to get the reverse end.

There are paid choices in this story platform too. The only difference? Paid choices will not affect the final outcome of the storyline. Also, even if there are “M-rated scenes”, they really aren’t much of an adult scene anyway. And they get pretty vanilla too, for the most part. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember reading any sex scenes in this story app.

So, if you do not like sex-heavy, adult-theme-heavy story platforms, then this will be a good story app for you.


-Beautiful graphics and background music

Not gonna lie, when I first download this app to play, I was completely blown away by its graphics. The colors, the artwork, they are so in sync and so vibrant. It’s as if I was transported into another world.

Its background music is on point too. The background music they’ve used in their stories is ethereal and otherworldly.

-Engaging storyline

Though there is only 1 storyline in this app told by 6 different characters, the writers still keep it engaging for their readers. You can choose to romance all the 6 main characters (or not). But ultimately your story’s goal is to solve the big mystery that’s befallen the city you and your friends reside in.

-Unpaid choices hold as much weight as paid choices

Unlike Chapters, the choices you make thorough the story may or may not affect the outcome of the storyline. Meaning to say, if you choose to go for the free option, you will still be able to finish the story like a champ.


-Reader keys take a long time to refresh or refill

The thing with The Arcana story is that it’s so good it leaves its readers wanting more. Readers get 3 keys. For each key readers get, they will need to wait 3 hours for it. So in total, readers will need to wait up to 9 hours before seeing a full 3 keys.

Again, like Choices: Stories You Play, readers have the option to buy extra keys (rates differ between countries) or choose to wait for the keys to refill.

-Coins are limited

Similar to Choices: Stories You Play, it’s hard for Arcana players to get coins to go for the paid scenes. Though The Arcana’s developers have put in place for readers to get more coins, many readers are still left wanting more.

3. Chapters: Interactive Stories

Chapters work similarly to Choices: Stories You Play in so many ways. They have a myriad of stories across several genres. Chapters is developed by Crazy Maple Studios that is based in The USA.

But the only “issue” here: most of the stories published on this platform, regardless of their genres, are filled with M-rated scenes. And they are not folded out of sight into paid gem scenes either.

So if you are not a huge fan of M-rated scenes and stories, then this platform is perhaps not one that you should go for.

This may not be the best tap tale interactive story app compared to the other two suggestions. However, it’s worth mentioning it because it does have some really good storylines. The rest of the stories are pretty much filled with mild M-rated scenes to “extreme” ones.

The artwork is not the greatest. But it’s still better than other similar apps I’ve played on before, so it gets a pass by my books. It has some good background music in the stories here and there, but nothing like The Arcana’s though.


-Story tickets unlock pretty fast

In The Arcana and Choices: Stories You Play, they use “keys” to unlock new chapters for you to read. In Chapters’ case, they call it “tickets”. The function is the same, and that is to unlock new chapters for you to read.

Chapters’ ticket refills are pretty fast. You get a new ticket every 30 minutes. But this is limited to a certain amount of refills in a day. So by a certain number of tickets, your wait time will extend beyond the 30 minutes’ wait time refill.

-Gems are easy to get

Again, Chapters also offer “paid choices” like the other platforms with the use of gems. You can get gems at the end of every chapter you read. You will also be able to get gems if you watch an advert in their app. The “advert gems” have a wait time of 2 minutes as a cool-down period. Note that after you have seen the adverts after X amount of times, the 2 minutes wait time will increase indefinitely in a 24hr period.

Again, if you don’t want to keep watching adverts to get extra gems, you can buy the gems from the app itself.

-Better graphics than most other similar apps

Chapters’ artwork may not be as stellar as The Arcana’s or Choices: Stories You Play. However, it has one of the better artworks and graphics compared to similar apps on the market. It may be wonky here and there but it’s not awkward and uncomfortable to look at.


-Most stories have M-rated scenes

This is perhaps something that bugs me a lot. Though I like some of the stories in there, I think the writers can tone down the M-rated scenes by some. Sometimes I think some of the stories have nothing to offer but just awkwardly-written hot scenes that don’t make sense.

-Narratives and flow of stories sometimes don’t “connect”

Unfortunately, storytelling and dialogues are just not Chapters writers’ strong suit. Like sure, some of the story ideas are great. But what’s off-putting as a reader is that the storytelling, the narratives, and everything else don’t connect. Sometimes, even if it did connect the storylines, the grammar and spelling mistakes are what make reading the stories awkward. As a reader, I have to admit sometimes I am confused by the narratives, the dialogues, the storytelling, etc. Sometimes after reading a story, it leaves a lot to be desired by the reader.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of other similar story apps on the app stores. However, not all of them are as good as people think them to be. Most times, a lot of these story apps are filled with badly-written stories, a lot of sex scenes (sometimes too much), and filled with obvious grammar and spelling mistakes.

But it’s not hard to find the good ones and go with them. If you enjoy interactive story games as I do, I hope you will give these a try.

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