5 Anime about the great outdoors you can watch indoors during MCO

Anime: Yuru Camp

Heard of Anime? What started as a medium for kids has grown to become so diverse that even their parents watch it today. There’s an Anime of just about anything now. Football, there’s an Anime for that! Fishing? That too! Heck, there’s even an Anime about making an Anime. How meta is that.

During these challenging times and with the need to keep ourselves isolated and tucked into the confines of our own houses, it’s not surprising to find that the longing for the outdoors has been driving us crazy, to put it bluntly. While you can’t exactly go and seek the great outdoors literally, you can, in fact, immerse yourself in it indoors during this MCO period, with Anime.

When it comes to exploring the wondrous wilderness known as the outdoors, there are several great Anime you can take a look at. Here are 5 great Anime about the outdoors:

#5 Yama no Susume (Encouragement of the Climb)

Yama no Susume is about Aoi, a meek girl, who is all about that indoor life. She enjoys staying in her room and sewing away without a care in the world. But she wasn’t always like that, and the re-introduction of old friend Hinata will challenge her current way of life as Aoi is whisked away high up in the outdoors. The story follows Aoi, Hinata and their new friends on a journey to conquer the many mountains of Japan- safe ones, tall ones, and dangerous ones as Aoi rediscovers her passion for the great outdoors. Yama no Susume is rife with beautiful landscapes, particularly the scenic view of mountain ranges and hills seen through the eyes of our starry-eyed protagonist, Aoi. The view from the top doesn’t get better than this, trust me.

#4 Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho (A Place Further than the Universe)

Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho or “Yorimoi” as affectionately called by its fans follows the voyage of four girls, each with different but large aspirations to the cold unknowns of Antarctica. Kimari has always dreamed of escaping her mundane life and go on a great adventure, but she’s never quite gotten to it. However, she soon gets that opportunity in the form of Shirase, a girl who has been preparing for years to go to Antarctica in the search of something extremely important to her. Together, they are joined by Hinata and Yuzuki and the girls soon find that their journey is not only about discovering the chilly outdoors, but also themselves. Yorimoi is about a physical and emotional exploration so beautifully depicted, making you feel as if you’re “there” with the girls. Watch Yorimoi for a beautiful rollercoaster of an adventure.

#3 Barakamon

The one thing Handa Seishuu cares about is calligraphy. So when his most recent work does not receive the credit he expects it to from a veteran in the same field, he did not take it calmly. Seishuu assaulted the veteran and was swiftly banished by his father to the remote Goto Islands to “cool off”. On the surface, Goto Islands seem like a serene and beautiful place. The sea was a deep blue and the Seishuu was surrounded by rich verdant life. However, his life in Goto Islands would be far from peaceful and quiet. There he meets Naru, an incredibly energetic child who quickly grows attached to him. With Naru came a gallery of kids who equally took interest in Seishuu’s calligraphy and more importantly, his awkward personality. Barakamon is a wonderfully funny and heartfelt show that makes full use of the beautiful outdoors of Goto Islands as a backdrop in an attempt to show what it would be like for a city boy to suddenly be thrown to the countryside, and boy does it work. You will find yourself cackling from laughter in one scene and having your breath taken away by the beauty of Goto Islands in the next scene. Bara-come on and watch it already!

#2 Kuutei Dragons (Drifting Dragons)

If you’re looking for a show about the outdoors, but with a little bit of fantasy, look no further. This Anime is made for you. Drifting Dragons are about, well… dragons. In a world where dragons roam the skies, the dragon hunters onboard the Quin Zaza airship spend day after day searching for these magnificent creatures to capture as a valuable source of medicine, fuel, and food. The show is beautifully crafted and you can see it in the designs of the different unique towns and picturesque scenes of the sky, forest, and mountains through the eyes of the crew of Quin Zaza. On top of that, the action scenes are perfectly choreographed and the dragons have an oddly realistic feel, making it seem as if you’re playing a high-quality game. Drifting Dragons is a fantastic outdoor experience you’ll regret missing, so get on Netflix and binge it already!

Anime: Yuru Camp

#1 Yuru Camp (Laid-Back Camp)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the epitome of the great outdoors, Yuru Camp, in this list. Yuru Camp is gorgeous. The show is simply about Rin and her friends going camping, but when each episode stuns you with breathtaking scenes of lakes, plains, and mountains throughout Japan’s most picturesque locations, what more do you need? The Anime makes you want to drop whatever you’re doing and gun straight for the outdoors, sit near a lake and take in its beauty. Each episode lets the amazing scenes, coupled with an original soundtrack that amplifies the comfort factor take the wheel and without fail, you’ll be swept away by the sheer awe of Yuru Camp. If you weren’t a fan of camping or going outdoors, Yuru Camp will without a doubt change your mind.

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