5 Easy Tips to Control Child Tantrum

Anger is a normal and healthy emotion actually. If we have not felt anger, it means that there is a problem with emotional development especially for kids.

Yet most kids have trouble understanding the difference between feeling angry and aggressive behavior.

Feelings of frustration and anger will turn into resistance, disrespect and aggressive action.

Even at this time, kids still cannot tell the difference between good and bad and do not know how to deal with their emotions. If left untreated, it will potentially lead to depression and poor mental health in adulthood.

So parents don’t worry, here are 5 tips for you to control your kids’ tantrums.

#1 Determine the cause of the child’s tantrum

Usually, children will get upset when he/she is not satisfied or does not get what he/she wants.

So when they have a tantrum, take a breath and ask in a gentle tone, why they are doing so.

Most will calm down and will tell you why.

Child Tantrum ( Yusuke Murata—Getty Images)

#2 Keep the child busy with something

In fact, the cause of child tantrums may be due to boredom.

Unconsciously, our busyness at work will affect the children. So when we go back to work, tantrums are just a mechanism that kids know just to get their parents ’attention.

To avoid them feeling bored, keep them busy with fun activities like drawing, coloring, dancing, reading and even activities that they like.

Most Kids Like Coloring ( www.countryliving.com )

#3 Do outdoor activities with them

Outdoor activities are great for children’s learning.

So you can start taking the kids on picnics, camping or playing sports. Kids must really like it.

I always bring kids camping so at the same time they can get close to nature and release their tantrums.

The change I noticed, the children’s tantrums have decreased after exposing the children to nature.

#4 Listen To What The Children Have To Say

Like adults, children also need attention in their conversations.

Try to take the time to listen to what the kids want in the story even when we are busy.

Pay attention to what they want to share and for sure they will feel happy.

#5 Enough Sleep

Naturally, when there is not enough rest and sleep, the body will feel tired and it will give a bad mood effect to anyone, including children.

Sleep plays an important role in the development of a child’s brain. Adequate sleep ensures that a child’s brain and body can grow and develop well. Studies have also shown that sleep is important for fitness as well as various key functions of children.

So we have to make sure the kids get enough sleep for them to be fitter the next day with a good mood.

Tantrum Is a Wonderful Experience As a Parent

Dealing with tantrums is common in raising children.

As they grow older, they will subconsciously learn to control themselves, to cooperate and to be patient with disappointment.

Tantrums may also be linked to health problems, although that is rare.

Consult a pediatrician if you have questions.

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