5 things that technology will not be able to replace

Living in a century where technology has conquered every aspect of our lives makes us believe it can replace anything. The bad news is, it’s not. There are a few things we should start appreciating their existence for, even if they aren’t being highlighted in advertisements and the media. Let’s look at the five things that cannot be replaced, no matter how advanced the technology.

1. A nail clipper

The function of nails is to protect the sensitive tips of fingers and toes. Without nails, it would be hard to pick up small things. When the nail has reached a certain length, we have to trim it because there is dirt and bacteria underneath that could cause some sort of infection. This is the time where we pick up the nail clipper or nail trimmer to cut the nail. 

As we know, all nail trimmers have the same design. Even though there are automatic nail clippers, we still use the old-fashioned ones because they feel more comfortable and safe to use. Occasionally, we will go for a manicure and pedicure to fancy our fingernails and toenails. So we do still need human services to do it for us. 

2. Foods and beverages

Imagine if our meals were represented in digital ways. By looking at the picture, we automatically feel full. No tasting, no chewing, no delicious scent. It would be hard for us to not have any food coming into our mouths. Humans and animals both need to feel pleasure from food in order to keep living. Technology may simplify food ordering, but not the food itself. 

3. Personal connections

As far as we are concerned, keeping in touch via technology for a very long time is hard. When everything is going virtual, we no longer feel the human connection. We cannot hang out and tease each other without having internet errors. The hardest part is that we are slightly comfortable not meeting each other and just living with it. 

We cannot transfer hugs or deliver fights. It’s just some other things we prefer to see present in a human personal touch. 

4. Empathy

We can use technology to spread empathy, but we cannot rely on technology to discover empathy. It has to be done through experience, face-to-face learning, and be present with the person we want to understand. Humans are mysterious and we seek uniqueness. When it comes to emotional intelligence, technology only plays a role in closing the gap between what people understand better after meeting each other. Not the other way around. 

5. Clothes

Shopping for clothing online is a luxury that technology can give us. However, the clothing itself cannot be digital. It has to be in warm and comfortable wear. We need a solid object to cover our bodies from the elements.

Technology may increase productivity in making all the clothing, but they still need humans to guide and supervise the process. Digital clothes may look nice in photos for social media purposes, but still, to make it real it has to be in the form of physical clothes. 

As a takeaway, technology can make our lives more luxurious and simpler, in exchange for extra time. When it comes to certain things that are irreplaceable by technology, we cannot deny that we still need the old style as it is. Clothes, meals, hug and kisses, watching our kid’s grown-ups, these are the things have to be tangible and physical forms. Also, we trust more the old-style nail clippers than any other form of nail clippers.

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Sofie Adie
Author: Sofie Adie

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