A Self-Realization: Breathing Life into your Dreams and Visions is a Lonely Road

And it’s one that’s filled with a lot of obstacles too

When I was a kid, I had a vision for my dream. I wanted to bring that dream alive. I wanted to infuse my vision into my dream. I wanted to make my dream so big it will change the course of the industry forever. It’s a lofty dream.

However, over the years I find that there are many things that can block your path to success. It prevents you from breathing life into your vision.

As I had a vision when I was young, there are some lessons that hit me. And it hit me hard. These lessons became self-realizations over the years for me.

Here are some things that I’ve learned when I want to bring my vision to life.

1. People don’t always understand your vision

You have a vision because you saw a solution to a problem. You saw that there are several solutions that work and would want to try on the society. However, there will be people who think that your idea is weird and will not work.

They can launch into several tirades telling you that you don’t make sense. It’s all right if they do that because they are not you. They don’t see things the way you do and they don’t see how they can contribute positively to society.

Only you yourself understand your own vision. And that is perfectly okay.

2. People may try to sabotage you

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The reason why turning your vision to life is a lonely road is because people don’t want to see you succeed. The saboteur may even be someone from your family or circle of friends. With that being said, you should be careful of who you share your vision with.

This is a common problem a lot of visionaries face at one point in their life. With that being said, be careful of who you share your visions with.

3. Misaligned strategy and goals

Here’s the thing when you want to bring your vision and dream to life. You will need to work with people to make it work. Ever heard the saying “teamwork makes the dream work”? Yes, the saying may be tacky. In reality, it does take a successfully synergized team to make the vision work.

If you don’t have a properly synergized team, you can see that your team will have a lot of misaligned strategies and goals. That can easily sabotage and sink your dream a lot faster than you can save it.

It’s ok to be around like-minded people. There’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s oversharing your ideas that can be problematic. Kiss and tell but don’t show all.

When you bring people on board to work on your vision, make sure it’s someone who understands most of your vision. But we all know that’s close to impossible.

4. Lack of funding

I am sure that many visionary business owners who want to be successful will understand this: problems with funding. In the business’s early days, you will find that you need money to jumpstart the company. Even if you are a microbusiness, you will also need some kind of funding to help get you started.

In my early years, I realized that if I want to make a proper website, I will need to invest a bit of money to make the website look presentable. The pocket money I got from my parents wasn’t enough to cover the expenses.

In the end, I abandoned the ship. The website is long gone as I did not maintain it.

5. Being consistent with work

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Here’s the thing when you want to breathe life into your visions and dreams. You will need to be consistent with your daily, weekly, monthly work. You will need to stick with it and see it through.

You cannot be working hard for 2 weeks, and then go take a break for 3 months. If you do that, you may as well don’t bother with keeping up with consistency. Unless you have a very good reason for taking such a long break (death of a family member and hits you hard, for example), then I will have nothing to say.

It’s also ok to take breaks in between. Take a day or two off to recharge. Then come back and work on it again with full force. Don’t ever slack off!

6. Having your work and ideas stolen

This is basically where you share your ideas and visions with other people, and they take your idea and call it their own. If you are in your early years and are a “small fish company”, then you will find that the battle will be an uphill fight.

You can be very angry and frustrated at how things turn out for you. But you know what this means? Being extra careful with sharing your ideas next time.

7. Your team hides the truth from you

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This is a painful lesson for a lot of people. It may not have happened to me before, but I’ve witnessed it firsthand at several points of my career. And the endings are often not pretty.

Let’s say as a business owner, you hire a team to help you work on your vision. All of you put in the extra effort to make things work. When the projects get bigger and there are more at stake, your employees will start to keep things from you.

There may be important pieces of information you need to know. But they were kept away from your knowledge. When things come crashing down and you put the pieces together, that’s when you know someone from your team has been keeping you in the dark. It’s disappointing and it does screw with your mentality.

There are no easy solutions to this except to accept it and move on.

Key Takeaway

Bringing your visions and dreams to life is a lonely road. You will see for yourself that sometimes it’s necessary to do it on your own. You will also learn that to make the dream work, you will sometimes need to make iron fist decisions in order to make things work. It’s not easy, but you had to do it.

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