Avoid Drinking Water? Here Are The Reasons Why Drinking Water Is A Must

Do you drink water as per the recommended guidelines, which is eight glasses a day?

The human body contains 60% water. The water cycle in the body is supplied by drinking water as well as the water content in food and will go through several processes which are then excreted through urine by 50%, sweat 34%, respiration 14%, and feces 2%. 

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We tend to forget to drink water until our throats feel dry and thirsty, right? Did you know that water is the second most important substance needed by the human body for life after oxygen?

Water not only provides hydration, but our body uses water in all the cells, organs and tissues, to help regulate body temperature, aid brain function and flush out waste from our body, and maintain other bodily activities.

Just because water is tasteless, we should never underestimate the importance of drinking water.  Your body will thank you when you drink water adequately. 

Water Helps With Nutrient Absorption

Water helps break down the vitamins and minerals from your food so your body can absorb the nutrients.  It is good to get adequate water daily so that the process of nutrient absorption and converting it to energy is processed efficiently.

Besides nutrients absorption, water is also needed to break down fats and water-soluble fiber to make the digestive system work properly. If the water supply is lacking during the digestive process, the body will become dehydrated and cause constipation.

Water Removes Toxins From The Body And Fight Constipation

Water plays a role in getting rid of toxins from the body through the pores on the skin. Lack of water causes toxins to accumulate in the skin layer, which makes the skin and hair look dull and dry while providing a place for skin diseases.

Sufficient water is important for your skin to be healthy and it helps generate new cell formation to make your skin and hair look shiny, elastic, and smooth.

Water supports good digestion by keeping your stool soft and moving it smoothly through the digestive tract. Lack of water during the process of waste and dirt excreted through urine and feces will force water to be taken from blood, intestines, and feces, hence making the stool harden and later constipation.  

Water Improves Health

An adequate supply of water will smooth the process of every organ in the body. This will lead to improving a person’s health while reducing the risk of heart disease, liver, kidney, and stroke in addition to slowing the growth of cancer cells. 

Water is also needed during the process of strengthening muscles, ligaments, circulatory and respiratory systems, regulate body temperature through sweating, moisten mucous membranes such as lungs and mouth, serve as shock absorbers inside eyes, spinal cord, and in the amniotic sac surrounding the fetus for pregnant moms.

Drinking water is a daily necessity. Practice drinking water sufficiently for your good health. 

Hate the tasteless water? Make it fun by adding your favorite flavor such as a few drops or sliced lemon mix with warm water, or make a calamansi juice with less sugar, or sip one or two cups of tea as water replacement.

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