Best horror movies to watch on Netflix today to get your adrenaline pumping

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Are you looking for some horror movies to binge on? I’m here to help as a self-certified horror movie reviewer who has watched plenty of horror movies myself. 

I’ve picked horror movies that fit these genres – sinister, psychological, zombie-filled, and even found-footage style! All of these movies are available on Netflix Malaysia. Get your popcorn, snuggle up under the blanket, and press play! 

Here are some spoiler-free movie reviews coming right up! 

Insidious (2010) 

After the success of Saw, everyone was excited about James Wan’s entry into the world of horror (minus the gore). He not only delivered, but he also gave us four more movies (and counting) in this instalment!

When a couple moves into a new house with their two young children, things take a turn for the worse when their youngest son mysteriously falls into a coma, and paranormal events soon occur at home. Get ready for over one and a half hours of jump scares, sinister music, foreboding moments, and just a good scare! 

As Above So Below (2014) 

Although people generally dislike the found footage-style movies, I think As Above So Below did a great job with it. I’m also surprised that this movie received some bad ratings, I highly recommend it! 

It focuses on a documentary crew heading into the depths of the Catacombs of Paris to find one of history’s greatest treasures: Flamel’s Philosopher’s Stone. Did you know? As Above So Below was filmed in the real catacombs of Paris! The fright level intensifies as the movie progresses, and you’re left questioning everything as these explorers face their deepest fears inside the catacombs. 

Crawl (2019)

I’m often sceptical about movies involving animals, especially after seeing movies like Sharnado, Piranha 3D, and Rampage. However, the concept of being stuck with no help in the middle of a hurricane is scary enough, and then you have wild alligators tossed in the mix. 

Crawl follows Haley and her father, stuck in the middle of a Level 5 Hurricane warning with wild alligators on the loose. Trapped in a small crawlspace beneath their house surrounded by alligators, 

It’s a nerve-wracking show from start to finish, especially when they spend a chunk of the movie trapped in a small crawlspace beneath their house. This slow-burn approach works for Crawl and proves to be a great way to get our adrenaline pumping!

Us (2019)

Evil doppelgangers + ominous scenes + perplexing story = sign us up!

In Jordan Peele’s “Us”, Adelaide “Addy” and her family encounters a strange group of people outside their house. These visitors-turned-attackers are lookalikes, and the movie slowly descends into chaos. 

Us surprises you with plenty of plot twists, right till the very end of the movie. It leaves you on the edge of your seat, praying that they make the right choices! I highly recommend watching this movie without googling beforehand. The less you know about Us before watching it, the better! 

Army Of The Dead (2021) 

The plot sounds ridiculous, but it’s a must-see for fans of zombie movies. 

From the mind of Zack Synder, the movie follows a group of mercenaries taking the ultimate gamble by heading into a zombie-infested Las Vegas for a heist. 

Set in a ravaged world, it seems like a silly move for these soldiers to take up the job that might lead them to their deaths. However, this is much needed fresh take on a post-apocalyptic world that will leave you wanting more. Although it’s over two and a half hours, it’s interjected with witty banter to break the tension. To sum it up, Army Of The Dead is a mixture of gory parts, scary moments, heartbreaking and heartwarming scenes, great cinematography, and astounding effects(Look out for the Zombie Tiger). 

Honorable mentions: Fear Street Trilogy, Sinister, The Silence, Alive (Korean), Shutter (Thai).

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