Brought In Dead Cases Can Be Avoided

Death is universal and one can’t escape death. It is certain that each person will die, but uncertain in the time and the way it will happen. The manner it happens sometimes can’t be predicted. If it is through illness, there may be means to prevent it by doctors. Usually, doctors will try their best to cure a person’s illness. At the onslaught of Covid-19, many of those infected were cured in hospitals and returned home. But today, many die at home due to Covid-19 and once dead, they are brought to the hospital for record purposes. This phenomenon is something that is increasing day by day as I believe the Ministry of Health (MoH) is not doing enough to address this problem. BID or brought in dead cases due to Covid-19 should be addressed immediately.

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Lately, it looks like the Health DG is just a spokesman for the Ministry of Health (MoH). He only reports the figures accurately. New positive cases, death cases, recovered cases, and the total number of cases among others. The latest figures that are attracting a lot of criticism are the numbers of people brought in dead or BID. On the 19th of August, there were 284 deaths and of these 101 people were brought in dead. For the record in 2021, a total of 4,856 deaths were reported. 670 people or 13.8% were brought in dead. Selangor clocked the highest number of BID cases at 181 cases or 27 % followed by Kuala Lumpur at 78 cases or 11.6%.

It’s sad to die without even being given a chance to fight to live. How can the MOH allow this to happen? I can’t imagine how a large number of people were brought in dead in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Is it because Selangor and Kuala Lumpur are two densely populated areas? But both Selangor and Kuala Lumpur are two rich regions. In fact, it was stated that Selangor has billions in savings. Additionally, there are so many government and private hospitals in both areas. Can’t these hospitals at least take them in and make an effort to save them? It was stated in a local newspaper that health experts indicated that a detailed study was necessary. It will be good to conduct a study, but when? It’s not rocket science that they need months to complete. It was also stated that some infected people did not take these symptoms seriously and died before they could be taken to the hospital. Another reason given was the widespread presence of more deadly variants. They have got some answers, can’t they act? Instead of blaming the infected people, come on MOH, walk your talk. Help these people, don’t just give foolish reasons.

Today, MOH is talking of home quarantine. When you do home quarantine, how is the person going to monitor himself or herself? They need to have some knowledge of medical sciences. Many elderly as well as foreign workers I believe do not have the knowledge. In the first place, how is the person going to find out if he or she is infected? A swab test may not be available nearby or may be too expensive for many at this time. The Ministry of Health (MOH) must understand that a significant number of people are already financially broke and have difficulty putting food on the table, so how are they going to go for a swab test? Sometimes getting an ambulance to ferry sick patients can be a problem as well. There were reports of cases in local newspapers that in some cases MOH or even private ambulance services not being able to send an ambulance to help take the sick patient to hospitals. In many cases, sick people had to wait up to 8-12 hours for an ambulance. Isn’t this ridiculous? Even if a person with slight symptoms goes to the accident and emergency department, it becomes a big hassle due to the number of patients there. Covid-19 assessment centres are also full so MOH, can you give an answer?

I think the Ministry of Health is not doing enough. Instead of collecting data and giving accurate reports, they should seek solutions. The excuse that there are not enough facilities and manpower is not enough. If China can build a full fletched hospital, why can’t the MOH build temporary assessment centers? If you are looking at money, get help from rich states. As for manpower, lately, it has been in the news that there is a surplus of doctors in Malaysia. Use them, many young doctors who have finished their two-year internship are eagerly waiting to be posted, they will do a fine job. Right now, they are acting as floating “doctors” all over the hospitals where they completed their training. Give junior doctors permanent status with all the perks and see them perform. I am sure they will do an excellent job to reduce the figures. As for ambulances, rope in empty school and tourist vans, modify them so that they can provide transport services. Many of these vans are lying idle and can be a source of income for the owners.

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Malaysia is in a sorry state of affairs as far as managing Covid-19 is concerned. We have first-class facilities but third work management. We were boasting that we have one of the best healthcare systems in the world but the present situation in managing the Covid-19 pandemic is something that doesn’t reflect such a status. We have a smaller population than most Southeast Asian Countries and better facilities, so such a phenomenon is something the MOH can’t be proud of. We have set a record for the most number of infections, even surpassing India so please don’t set another record for the largest number of brought in dead cases. Please act before it’s too late, people are dying due to the shortcomings and management in the MOH. Or else, it’s going to be a sad Merdeka as there is nothing to shout about for caring Malaysians.

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Palaniappan Karuppan
Author: Palaniappan Karuppan

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