Calling All Milo Lovers! Have You Tried All These Unique Milo Food Combinations?

Milo is pretty much a staple for all of us growing up in Malaysia. From memories of lining up for the Milo truck in school (I swear, nothing comes close to the taste of cold Milo from Milo’s truck!) to the warm cup of Milo that fuels you in the morning, it’s been there with us from the very start!

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While Milo themselves have expanded their range of products to include cereals and dairy-free alternatives, we’re always surprised by the number of Milo-infused dishes and treats out there! Although it might not always be a hit, we’re still happy (and proud) to see our favourite Milo drink inspiring creations around the world!

Here are some food combinations that pack a punch…of Milo! Are you adventurous enough to try these unique food combinations, or would you rather stay on the safe side?

Milo in Maggi Curry

I love Milo and Maggi curry but as separate entities. However, the pandemic has made many of us adventurous, and it’s not surprising to see this rare take on Maggi!

Did you know? The trend of adding chocolate to spicy food has been around for a while in different cultures. If you love to try this spicy and chocolate combo, give it a go!

Milo + Coke 

We get our regular dose of Coca-Cola in several locations, fast-food restaurants, cinemas (with popcorn), convenience stores, and supermarkets. However, someone decided that this drink could be enhanced by adding 3-in-1 Milo powder. 

Kia! shared that a Facebook user uploaded this creation, saying that it’s just like Rootbeer and everyone has mixed reviews. It’s going to be extra sweet! Would you dare to give this a try? 

Milo Fried Chicken

Also known as “Chicken Chop Milo Earthquake”, these massive chicken fillets are deep-fried, coated with Milo, and served with salad, mashed potatoes, and spaghetti. To add a spicy and chocolatey kick to this dish, it comes with sambal and Milo sauce! 

Back in 2018, Cheese Banjir Restaurant in KL added this to their menu. It blew up, and even our neighbours in Singapore created their own version! Strangely enough, Cheese Banjir Restaurant has gone on to create two more Milo-inspired dishes – Milo Chicken Popcorn Platter and Cheese Milo Durian Kaw. 

Durian, Rice and Milo Combo

Another undefeated food champion in Malaysia is our King of Fruits, Durian. Just like Milo, our beloved durian has been added to cakes, fried rice, and hotpot, just to name a few!

However, have you heard of plain rice + durian + drizzle of milo powder over it? This picture shared on Facebook sent people into a frenzy. A mixture of creamy bitter goodness topped with sweetness, it’s definitely not for everyone! 

Have you tried any of these food combinations? Or perhaps, you’ve tried them all? 

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If these strange food combinations aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry! There are still plenty of easy Milo recipes you can whip up, such as Milo ice cream, Milo macarons, Milo Brownies, and Milo biscuits. Have fun experimenting with your own Milo recipes at home! 

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