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Being home all day and having difficulties accessing food from your favourite restaurants may lead to more of us leaning towards home-cooking nowadays. I’m also referring to myself, as living in the outskirt of the city doesn’t really give me many choices of food selections. After several rounds of MCO, I finally blossomed my inner chef (even though I hated cooking once upon a time) as I’ve mastered cooking several local, Asian and Western dishes thanks to blogs and Youtube. I never knew I had it in me until I’ve been craving to eat this and that. Unfortunately, this new hobby also led me to spend most of my time in my glum kitchen with an outdated interior, making me uneasy looking at it sometimes. So I’ve been doing a bit of digging on the internet and found a few ways, CHEAPER ways, to fix my eyesore instead of renovating the whole kitchen.

Ever since MCO 1.0, people got obsessed with decorating. Now there are so many Groups and Viral Posts surfacing social media talking about DIY Deco Tips, which is where my reference goes in this post. I’ll be listing down CHEAP VIRAL items you can get online to upgrade your kitchen. Without having to spend so much time creating a list of your own, I’ve listed everything you’ll need below:

Kitchen Walls

To brighten up the kitchen, changing the walls first should be a good start. After that, you can choose to use paint or upgrade your walls with patterned wallpaper stickers. Applying these has been made easy; anyone could do it, and they come in all sorts of patterns, but the popular ones used in the kitchen are bricks. You can also mix wallpaper and tiles as the cooking area is mostly suitable for using tiles since it’s easier to wipe off stains. Prices vary depending on quality, but normally the prices are considered cheap. There are several options you could choose from:

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Kitchen Cabinets

I would suggest below RM200 cabinets that are highly available on Shopee, but since this post suggests cheap items, let’s makeover your old cabinets and turn them new with a touch of elegance. Honestly, upgrading your old cabinets with your personal touch might be more pleasing, and it’ll save you tons of moolah as well. You can use paint or waterproof stickers to change the body color and then add accessories such as expensive-looking handles and probably LED lights too. All you need is a little creativity. Below are suggestions of products you can look into to upgrade your cabinets.

Pictures from sellers, click seller link below for more pictures and reviews

Kitchen Racks

I know kitchen racks could be expensive, but let’s look into mini racks instead of the big ones. Racks for your spices, small cooking appliances, or even space-saving racks. You can get several types for below RM50 too, and trust me, having these racks makes the kitchen looks neat and pleasing. It also helps you get more organized in the kitchen too. Check out some of the popular cheap racks you can find on Shopee below:

Pictures from sellers, click seller link below for more pictures and reviews

Kitchen Floor

The trendy flooring now is vinyl flooring stickers which you can use for the whole house. The current trend is wooden pattern flooring which instantly brightens the area to have a more aesthetic vibe. If you’re not into that, you can also get traditional kitchen tile pattern stickers too. There are just so many types to choose from, and all of them are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry. Let’s say you want a change in a few years; you can peel it off and change new ones. I’m not sure how long these flooring will last since they are pretty cheap, but if you’re looking for a short period change before a permanent upgrade, these should do the trick. Below are some types of flooring you can use in your kitchen:

Pictures from sellers, click seller link below for more pictures and reviews

If you’re on social media and follow many deco-inspired groups and accounts, you’ll constantly see many people sharing about these items. Since we’re at home most of the time now, it’s a good thing to brighten things up a bit at home as it could help give us more positive energy. Since these items are pretty cheap, you can’t expect them to last a lifetime; however, it’s a good solution for a short-term change, and doing these yourself would probably spark your creative side that you never knew.

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