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Babywearing is like wearing a hug


Are you a new parent, parent-to-be or perhaps you are an experienced parent? Well, whatever you are I hope parenting has been fun so far for you. As I would like to share one of my favourite topics; Baby Wearing.

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If you look up Baby Wearing online, you will find that this history dates back as old as the human being. Back then, baby’s were carried on their back or sling to the sides while doing chores, farming, working on the fields or even herding the cattle. Something so convenient but not talked about nowadays which is kinda funny. I wish someone told me about babywearing when I was pregnant with my first child and because of this, I am here today to tell you about it before your baby arrives.

Here are 7 Reasons WHY it is Convenient to Baby Wear your child?

  1. Handsfree – Like literally “handsfree”! You are carrying your child securely strapped and secured to your body with its weight evenly distributed with yours for balancing; And you can still have 2 of your hands free to do anything – you-name-it; Laundry, Reading, Eating, Shopping & Playing with your phone (just don’t overdo this-your child is learning)
  2. Comfort – I’m talking about both you and your child being comfortable in each others embrace. It’s like a lil koala bear hugging its mama or like a baby kangaroo in its mama pouch. Your baby will surely fall asleep in comfort as they snug tightly and hug you while you are walking out and about.
  3. Safety – One thing about safety is also the type of carriers you are using. Please don’t go for hip seat/crotch carriers, unless you have a very strong hip or don’t mind getting some pains and aches along the way, if not please take care of your posture. And not just your posture but even your child’s posture can be affected with the wrong choice of carrier. Don’t just because of convenience you neglect the safety part of this.

    Image Credits to International Hips Dysplasia Institute
  4. Connection – I’m talking the human connection, that bonding between the parent and child. This is an unbreakable bond and the most special moment that once you successfully learn to babywear your child and frequently do it. One day when you child grows up in a blink of an eye, you AND your child will surely miss this moment. This is something money can never buy! This is a precious moment you will forever cherish the most! It is the same as carrying a child in your arms but how long can your arms withstand the long hours and weight of the child without getting sore? That’s why baby wearing is a true life-saviour in this.
  5. Multitasking – As a mom of 3 kids myself, I have to multitask and being able to wear my cranky lil baby while manage my demanding toddlers is not easy but it is not difficult either. It’s just mind over matter. At times when my husband is at work and I have to go out and get groceries or run some urgent errands; I will babywear my youngest and hand-strap my both boys one on each side of my hand because they are just 2 to 3 years apart like all below 6 yrs old I remember. I felt like Wonder Woman then.
  6. Quick Fix – This is a life-saviour, when your child can’t sleep and is cranky and needs someone to cradle them to sleep, I usually wear them and then continue doing my chores or just walk around and they will just fall asleep soundly. This is because your child memorizes the cradling movement when they were inside your tummy! You know how your baby is asleep during the day and starts kicking your tummy at night? Because during the day you are always moving about, so they fall asleep due to those movements and wakes up to kick you when you stop moving (at night or when resting). It’s the same concept as babywearing, when you babywear them and walk about, they fall asleep easily than putting them on the bed flat and expecting them to just doze off – very rare chance.
  7. Convenient – To be honest, this is the main reason for babywearing. It is convenient especially when going out to shopping for groceries, imagine never having to wait for that LIFT ever again! Or risking your baby’s, yours and others life pushing that stroller illegally up the moving escalator. Never having to open or close your super heavy loaded stroller (saves space in the boot of your car too, means can buy more things and put in the boot). Also when it’s your baby’s fullmoon party, 100 day’s party or 1 year old birthday party, no parent will like having your child being carried around and passed around like a doll but you can’t say no because it’s family or don’t want to be rude; But this is also why I love babywearing! I am in control of who gets to hug, kiss and cuddle my child! No one dare come near to even lay their hands (who knows where it has been) on my baby’s cheeks, this is not a pet that you can just tickle their cheeks with your hands, that has been to places, that may still be foreign to a newborn baby – that’s how allergy comes by. Especially strangers who just want to hug and kiss your baby, they won’t be able to because when you carry your baby properly in the babywearing carrier, you are close enough that they probably have to kiss you to get through to baby, so keep your boundaries. Did I mention that travelling with a child can be so much more convenient without lugging so many things especially that huge heavy stroller (I have a lightweight stroller but it still takes up too much redundant space).
Ergonomic Carrier | Image by neslinglibrary from Pixabay

In today’s era, we’re moving to digital for sure. But that doesn’t mean we can’t babywear. One of the conveniences of babywearing is being able to have your child close to your heart where you can provide constant security and warmth to your child no matter where you go (except driving). And there are so many ways to babywear a child. I always refer to this guide as a reference and I also share with moms who are looking for convenience and ease in their parenting matters.

Just remember that there are proper ways of babywearing your child safe when you follow the guided tips set below.

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There are many methods to wear a child and trust me! There’s a huge community out there that is ever-ready for you to explore this other world of babywearing your child the proper way. That was where I got my support and also where I self-taught myself how to properly wear my children from newborn right up to age 4. Although it didn’t last longer than age 4 because my eldest was heavy and my backbones after 3 kids was not a small matter to belittle with.

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Ps. The Ergonomic Carrier is by Mummy Charmaine
(a Certified Baby Wearing Consultant in Klang Valley from Unison CA)

These are some of my favourite shots with my babies. I am going to miss this very much as 3 of my kids are growing up, the youngest already 2 years old and getting heavier by the days. Soon I will have to let go of my babywearing carriers to another mommy who will carry their loved ones. And yes! When you invest in good quality carriers, it does have resale value. I have a collection of my own such as the Manduca, Boba Wrap, CuddleMe, Collection by Unison CA – SUKKIRi Sling, SUPPORi Sling & Maru Sling, Tugeda Carrier & Mamaway Ring Sling.

Hopefully, you like what you read today and hope to share more next time.

With love,

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