Current Deco Trends Malaysians Are Obsessed With

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I’ve been spending a lot of my free time browsing in Deco Facebook Groups as I’ve been looking for ideas to style my home. You’ll be surprised at how many deco groups there are, and some groups even reach 500,000 members. I love these groups better than Pinterest for reference because it’s more relevant. Most of the inspiration ideas are done in Malaysia; hence it’s easier for me to refer to what and where to buy all the items needed. Members in these groups love sharing their deco projects at home, and it amazes me how creative they could be.

Since I’ve joined so many groups, I’ve been able to detect the current trends our Malaysians are currently obsessed with, as most are posting the same kind of Deco inspirations. Below are some of the current trends you won’t want to miss.

Scandinavian Concept

Picture Credit To Aayatt Yatty Ismail
Picture Credit To Aayatt Yatty Ismail
Picture Credit To Aayatt Yatty Ismail

The Scandinavian concept is the most popular trend among deco groups and even on social media. Scandinavian decor is a majority of Nordic style designs, which are natural materials, especially pale woods and glass. The main elements of Scandinavian design are functionality, simplicity, and craftsmanship. I’m not a professional in design, so I cannot tell if the above concept is truly Scandinavian, but I know the idea is similar. Finding furniture with Scandinavian decor is also very easy here in Malaysia as you can quickly get them in Ikea or even in Shopee. Most of the furniture for this style is budget-friendly, which may be one of the main reasons why many love this deco style. Even I find it easy to style it like this as there are many options I can choose from online without breaking my bank.

Modern Farmhouse Concept

Picture Credit To Asri Meris Anthony
Picture Credit To Suzaitul Adwini
Picture Credit To Asri Meris Anthony
Picture Credit To Siti Tarantula Triple-s

Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between Modern Farmhouse decor and Scandinavian decor as both seem to be pretty similar. Modern Farmhouse still uses wood elements, but it may be a mixture of bricks, glass, and steel. The Scandinavian decor may give a more simple vibe than the Modern Farmhouse concept, which seems to be a bit extra. This decor idea may seem costly, but some managed to pull it off on a budget. You’ll probably have to do a lot of research on that, though.


Picture Credit To Azizah Asmuni

Wainscoting is one of the most favourite DIY projects in Facebook Deco groups. Hiring a professional may be costly, so this kind of style is a DIY option for those on a budget as the materials needed to do it are easily found on Shopee. Many people have shared tutorials on how to do it at home. Some may love this wainscoting design for the whole house, but some may only want to do it at the feature wall. There are just so many ideas of wainscoting designs which some may look simply neat, and some look extravagant. It depends on each taste and if you’re planning to do this DIY, make sure you have a lot of patience, as some say it is tricky to make sure the lines are perfectly aligned.

Stairs Makeover

Picture Credit To Aina Syafiqka
Picture Credit To Wawa Nkk
Picture Credit To Ridzuan Ahmad

Stairs makeover is the current new trend as many have discovered the use of Vinyl flooring that could easily be bought online or at the famous RM2.10 Eco Shop. Vinyl flooring has taken over deco inspirations for the living room, bedroom and kitchen floors over the past years. Now it’s taking over stairs as the equipment needed to do this project can be found on Shopee, and it’s a cheaper option too. Tutorials also are easily found, and even wives can easily do this project alone without needing professional help from their husbands. LOL… It’s an easy project to do but may be time consuming, however the after result is stunning don’t you think?

Pantry Room

Picture Credit To Nur Natasha Abdullah

I only thought that pantry rooms are a thing for Hollywood celebrities with huge mansions, turns out many Malaysians are doing this, even our local celebrities too. Pantry rooms do indeed look neat, who doesn’t love a nicely organized shelf right? It can make you feel like you’re walking into your own personal grocery store. You may think that only people who have space at home could do this, but it turns out our Malaysians are more creative. Some managed to do it in a small kitchen just by using a divider to separate it from the kitchen.

There are still more deco obsessions that I did not highlight in this post, but that’s for you to discover. Let me know if you have tried any of these deco styles before. Which one do you prefer?

Till then, peeps.

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