If I have a lady part

A word of disclaimer before you read this article – I am a man, cisgendered man. I have a penis instead of a vagina. But if I were given the opportunity to have a lady part, I would be taking care of it as much as I could, I would appreciate the belonginess of the hypothetical vagina in myself and I would never allow anyone to dictate in what way sexual education about my hypothetical vagina should be taught.

If I have a lady part, I will never allow decency and modesty take over facts and I would never allow it to be considered an exploitation of women when we are talking about sexual and reproductive health rights.

If I have it, I will want to understand my hypothetical lady part well and I may only understand my lady part well only if I am allowed to understand it well.

If I have it, I will allow myself to be taught in a way that I may understand my genitalia and how it forms and functions and how it looks, and I would not mind it being showcased on advertisement that I believe its goal is to educate.

If I have a lady part, I would not want to be caught up in fear mongering of diseases that I may caught if I break celibacy, the way sexual education has been taught.

If I have a lady part, I will want to not miss out on a diagnosis or be misdiagnosed or be caught up in superstitious belief of how my hypothetical vagina should work.

If I have a lady part, I will never allow authorities, be it religious authorities police how I may use my hypothetical lady part at will.

If I have a lady part, I will not want it to be a part of a propaganda propagated by ideological differences that has become a barrier in the way I want to view my hypothetical genitalia.

If I have it, I want to be allowed to be emancipated from all the suppression because of my lady part. I will want it to be an object of freedom in which I shall liberate myself.

If I have a lady part, I wish to be a part of the sexual and reproductive health rights movements that will allow me to understand myself better as a hypothetical vagina owner.

If I have it, I want those penis owners to understand how my lady part forms and function and work and how it looks without falling into this made-up hullabaloo that debates about how I may own my lady part.

I do not wish to understand why sexual education is such a contentious issue, but I do understand it. After all, femininity has always been patriarchy’s biggest sin. And if you are not against the system, you are a part of it.

It is very disappointing to see a number of feminine selves themselves be a part of the system, to be the one to impose it, and to be the one that is subjugated under it. Those that own the lady part themselves are somehow reluctant to understand themselves and found themselves as a part of the decency and modesty movement that has always been a barrier towards a better understanding of one’s own sexuality. Majlis Wanita Islam quoted Libresse advertisement as a misuse of a woman’s body and an exploitation of femininity. Then by that logic, any kind of education about sexual and reproductive health rights has been an exploitation. Remove Form 3 Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan’s chapter about reproductive from the syllabus since it is an exploitation of women’s image. Amend medical school that teaches about reproductive biology since it misuses a woman’s image as well. Let anti-intellectualism of sexual and reproductive health rights be the way of teaching since that is what is called for by Majlis Wanita Islam.

Sexual and reproductive health rights issue and education should never become a contentious issue. Cultural relativism should not be a barrier from letting a lady part owner truly owns themselves. I believe that a they should be able to liberate themselves from the patriarchal system that has suppressed the capacity and capability of the feminine selves.


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