[Opinion] Is Najib the most suitable candidate to become interim PM?

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny Dato’ Seri Najib Razak has got swag. Against all odds, this man who was once labelled the worst prime minister of Malaysia in 2018 has managed to alter his reputation for the better, now being called ever so lovingly as ‘Bossku’. He should already be awarded the ‘Comeback of the Decade’, but I think the story of his return is only just beginning.

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Even when Pakatan Harapan was still in power, DSNR was able to successfully perform his duties as an opposition leader. He perfected his approach in raising issues through social media by having the right mix of facts and plain old sassy-ness which helped him relate to the people, where all of this was accomplished while he undergoing a series of trials in court. One can only imagine the amount of courage it took him to continue being the bastion of the people despite being ridiculed by the country.

Once the pandemic hit Malaysia, by a stroke of luck the Perikatan National coalition took power from PH through the ‘Sheraton Move’ which gave way for Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin to rise and become the prime minister we hate today. PN did what many thought was impossible, they completely repainted Najib’s image for him. Ask yourselves honestly, do any of Najib’s alleged scandals still seem relevant to you after this embarrassing government? For the staunch haters, you probably want to see him behind bars, but as a fan of Bossku, I couldn’t care less if he walks away a free man purely out of admiration for the feat he accomplished in rebranding himself.

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Due to the rebranding of his image, throughout the pandemic and lockdowns in Malaysia, he was able to further raise support from the public from the effectiveness of his social media postings. Whether it is true or false, the public views many of the governments’ policies being shaped by Najib’s post, one example is the giving of moratorium by the banks. At first, the government did not grant such a policy, but after Najib raised the issue, the government did a U-turn and granted the moratorium. Similarly in the issue of the train collision, when the PRASARANA chairman was in hot water due to his demeanor in handling the situation, he was let go from his post following another post from Najib on Facebook. Whether it is related or simple a coincidence doesn’t matter, the public views it as an accomplishment by Najib.

Given that support for Najib is at an all-time high, he would be the most promising candidate to take on the helm of interim prime minister. If we were to follow the premise that an alleged corrupted individual shouldn’t be given the post, we should only look back to our 7th Prime Minister. Dr. Mahathir was elected as our 7th Prime Minister although his history and track record as a dictator and allegations that Najib only took a fraction of what Dr. M took during his 22-year tenure as prime minister did not stop us from supporting him. Following the same concept, Najib’s allegations (the cases have not reached their apex yet) should not be used as an excuse to deny him the chance to return at least as a way to get rid of the current incompetent government.

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Assuming that Najib is the best candidate from UMNO, why then is he better than the PH government? It is pertinent to point out the inadequacies of the PH government at this juncture. PH was a government formed by uniting behind one man, the same man they had condemned years before and the same man that eventually caused their government to collapse. Most importantly, when PH won the elections and became the government, they oversold their manifesto and when the time came for the people to demand what was promised, they simply said they did not think they would win. What PH has shown is that they are not qualified to form the government as they are incapable of forming one without going into bed with some enemies. Although it is common to sleep with your enemies in politics, from the way things turned out we can see that PH is unable to make good decisions in choosing their allies, at least 7 key allies jumped ship during the ‘Sheraton Move’. Most important of all, PH cannot be trusted as they have a track record of changing their stories once they are in power. Will they once again choose to keep blaming PN even if they are given power? Similar to how they kept blaming Najib when they were in power without making any significant difference at the end of it.

As we are in a pandemic, it is better to let someone with experience in leading a country take charge rather than unqualified individuals. The best bet is therefore to appoint Najib Razak as the interim PM. He has shown the ability to consistently churn out solutions to the problems the country is facing, rather than PH who only resort to blaming and throwing critics at the government. Even when given the chance in parliament, PH chose to behave like animals in the zoo (with the exceptions of some members), shouting and making remarks designed to be humorous with a subtle attack against the government all the while accomplishing nothing. Although Najib did not get his turn to speak in parliament due to the crisis that unfolded last Thursday, he managed to post his speech on his social media, truly remarkable how he is able to not only critic the governments’ shortcomings, but does not harp on the critics and instead, he is able to successfully address the problems that require attention in the country. These are experiences that are exclusive to Najib as he has successfully handled disasters before, for example, the MH370 and MH17 crisis compared to the excuse-filled inexperienced opposition.

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To many people now, Uncle Jibby is a good reminder of the good times we had living in this country. Was it really that bad before? As I recall nothing much has changed even after his downfall. Because of the nostalgia, he brings to the table, Najib will likely be able to command stronger support in parliament rather than PH because he has the people’s support that will help to sway other members to back him up. Let’s be real, Anwar has been trying to be PM for years and has not succeeded in the slightest in gaining enough numbers. With no one left for PH to nominate instead of Anwar, they will not be able to get the necessary support to overthrow the government. In this aspect, Najib wins the contest again.

For those worried that giving Najib his power back will only make things worse, the same can be said for any individuals who are given power. Yes, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Anyone given power will use it for their own advantage, PN is living proof of that. However, given that he is in a position where he is already facing allegations from his previous tenure, it is likely that he will not take any chances in fear of permanently tarnishing the reputation he worked so hard to restore. It serves him better to do a good job in order to further push the narrative that all allegations against him were concocted by his enemies to bring him down. This places Najib in the unique position where checks and balances already exist to ensure he performs the duties placed on him to the best of his abilities.

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It’s time for the OG Bossku to make the ultimate comeback by returning to the position he was once kicked out from. With his return to power, we can finally go back to the good old days, before all the lies and the tricks that have brought down our once-great nation.

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