Life lessons every young person should know or learn

Learn these things before life catches up with you!

You learn something new as you grow older. However, by a certain age, you should already know certain life lessons. Being someone who is close to 30 years of age, I have put together a list of lessons I wish I have known earlier and would like to share them with you.

1. Control your emotions

In a world where everything is volatile and intense, it’s easy to get angry and react easily. If you are born with a hot temper and tend to lash out when you hear or see things you don’t like, then your personality will need some working on. Things will not turn out very well for you.

You will find that you’ll lose a lot of opportunities and friends. People will distant themselves from you because of your extreme emotions. If you don’t change, it will be a painful lesson for you to wake up to.

2. Isolationist personality doesn’t get you far

We get that you may have isolationist personalities and “policies”. As noble as it sounds, you should seriously take a look at changing that “policy”. You may be able to go fast, but you won’t go far. As the clichéd saying goes: no man is an island.

Make more friends. Get to know more people. Network as much as you can even if you are still a student. Who knows that one girl you know back in your 1st-year of university or your 1st job may have some useful contacts or resources you need.

3. Mourn your losses, but don’t dwell on it

Too many times have people mourn the people they have lost. It can be a family member or it can be a friend. It does not have to be death; sometimes it can be a messy breakup or a friend “breaking up with you”.

You are allowed to mourn them in any way you wish (as tacky as that sounds). However, don’t let that get to you and make you dwell on it. It rots your brain (maybe, maybe not). Remember that you have a whole life ahead of you. Don’t waste time trying to get something or someone to come back to you.

4. It is all right to seek help

People can get depressed due to many reasons. Loss of work, death of a loved one, getting into an accident. It can be a lot of things that contribute to their depression. If you think no one can help you, or think that you shouldn’t get help, you’re mistaken.

You can always reach out to mental health organizations to get help. Sometimes your friends can help too. Getting help for yourself is nothing wrong. It’s not taboo to get help. Anyone and everyone wants the best for themselves. Get help when and where you need it.

5. Handle and resolve your problems as professionally as you can

Everyone has problems and hurdles in life. I’d advise that when you are faced with problems, it’s best that you deal with them coolly and in a professional manner. Do not publicize your problems for everyone to see. As the saying goes: do not air your dirty laundry publicly. Nobody needs to be informed of your personal problems.

Handle it within your own circles. If you let your problems out, people may take advantage of them and use them against you. You don’t want that as it may bring more problems to you and the people involved in it.

6. Handle your finances wisely

In your early career years, you may not know how to handle money wisely. And that’s ok because not everyone knows how to handle money at a young age. Or maybe it’s because you don’t earn much in your early career (hello there starving graduate!), hence not having any sort of savings.

But that’s ok because, with each passing week and month, you will need to learn how money works. There is a lot of financial guides online advising people how to handle their finances. Set a goal for your finances and go with it.

7. Learn how to ignore

Some things cannot be ignored and will need your attention to resolve ASAP. However, there are some matters and people you can choose to ignore and have fewer interactions with. Some people exist to disturb your peace. They probably didn’t have peace themselves to begin with, but that’s not your problem.

By the end of the day, you will find that ignorance is bliss. You don’t have control over everything in life. And it’s not your fault it is the way it is.

8. It’s good to set healthy boundaries

Ever let that one person in just because of your forgiving nature? And turns out that one innocent “let in” turns into something disastrous? And later on caused a series of problems for you, giving you a lot of headaches?

Well, yeah here’s where the hard lesson comes in. Though yes I did mention to actively network, get to know as many people as possible, and try not to isolate yourself too much socially. However, there should be a balance to this, and a healthy one at that.

When you meet someone who gives you so much toxicity and headache, then you may want to seriously consider dropping this person off contacts. Setting healthy boundaries with people is good for you. Sometimes, some people just don’t know what limits are. Some people only know how to take and take and take, but don’t know how to limit themselves or to give back. You’ll get easily drained like this.

So here you go – 8 lessons I wish I have learned sooner when I was younger. Nobody’s taught me how to live life. But then I guess life has a way of teaching me lessons.

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