[Opinion] Opinions Don’t Matter Anymore

Opinions are so overdone, does it even hold weight anymore?

I am going out on an arm and a leg and say this: opinions don’t matter as much as they used to anymore. I know how much irony there is in this piece and how contradictory it gets. But hear (more like reading) me out on this one.

Everyone has an opinion

Everyone has an opinion
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Yes, everyone has an opinion on something. People love to talk and voice out what’s in their heads. However, do these opinions coming from these people matter? It didn’t matter if it’s coming from a famous individual or your average Joe. Who cares about opinions even?

There’s a terrorist problem – people have an opinion about it.

There’s a sexism problem – people have an opinion about it.

There’s an obesity/underweight problem – people have an opinion about it.

There’s a racist problem – people have an opinion about it.

There’s a religion problem – people have an opinion about it.

It can be about anything. People will always have an opinion about it. But here’s the catch – your opinion doesn’t matter if you are a nobody. Most times, it only matters when you are rich and famous. What is your opinion against all these rich and famous people?

But nobody wants to do anything about everything

But nobody wants to do anything about everything
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Even if your opinion is valid – heard loud and clear – would you do anything about the issue you had an opinion on? You’d boldly say “yes I will, watch me do it”. Sure. But I can guarantee you that the majority of these opinionated people will only do something at the start. Then, later on, they will just drop off like flies and never be seen doing anything with the issue anymore.

So what’s the point when you have a big mouth, have all the opinions in the world, but don’t want to do anything about it? Do you know how people say “empty vessels make the most noise”? Yeah, these opinionated people are just like that. All talk, but no action. Not even committed.

Opinions are cheap

What happens when there is an excess in items? They don’t hold much value. This is the same case with having opinions. When you have so many opinions, it just doesn’t hold weight and is not worth anything anymore.

So why bother with opinions when they don’t hold weight anyway? Opinions change every day, every week, every month, and every year. If the opinion changes something, it’s cool. If it doesn’t, then there’s no point in having any opinion at all.

What’s the solution then?

What’s the solution then
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There’s no solution to this. Everyone has an opinion. If they have one, so be it. Everyone is entitled to make noise and voice their disagreements. But don’t expect everyone to hear you out. Because not all of us have the time to listen to an opinion about something we don’t care about.

And by the end of the day, we round it back to having an opinion. We get vocal about the things that matter to us. Just don’t forget that not everyone will see eye to eye with you on your opinions, okay.

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