Opinion: Politikus breed, RAKYAT bleed

As the number of Covid cases hit the 20,000 mark and the fatality rates surged to over 200 deaths a day, the fragile ruling PN government is still trying very hard to hang on to power. The never-ending manoeuvres in this political Game of Thrones are already threatening our efforts to combat this deadly pandemic.

So much energy, time, and money are spent on consolidating the Pakatan Nasional’s slim majority in Parliament that the primary fight to eliminate or at least reduce the numbers of Covid cases is derailed.

All General Hospitals and many district hospitals across the nation are running out of beds for Covid patients. Paramedics are overworked and overwhelmed by the sheer number of new cases daily. Life-saving equipment are short in supply as several hospitals have sent out distressed calls for help to NGOs and the public.

Even our national vaccination programmes have been in a limbo as conflicting statements were given on the procurements, distributions, and dissemination of the vaccines. It is only of late that the immunisation programme has been accelerated in the government’s efforts to achieve herd immunity for the nation. However, it looks like the damage has already been done. We were procrastinating when other ASEAN nations were busy stocking up vaccines back in early 2020.

Why the delay in the procurements of vaccines? Many lives would have been saved and certainly, the number of cases could have been reduced.

When the Rakyat was submissively obedient, confined to the four walls of their homes during this nationwide lockdown, there were blatant violations of SOPs by the ministers. The Deputy Speaker and his entourage feasted on durians, a Menteri Besar test-drove a new car, and at least 2 ministers called on their friends. All of them were not charged except for the MB who got away with a slap on the wrist.

The RAKYAT are crying foul! There seemed to be 2 sets of laws. One for the man in the streets and another for the elites and the ruling class. Not only are the people reeling from unemployment, but they are also angry and hungry. To compound matters, they are often slapped with hefty fines for the flimsiest of non-compliance of SOPs.

The rot has to stop here. The number of deaths cannot be ignored as mere insignificant statistics. These are real lost souls~ people who have families and loved ones back home. We the RAKYAT implore to the responsible and revered institutions of the country to save us from the voracious leaders who have forsaken the people. Indeed if these selfish politicians continue to breed, the RAKYAT will bleed.

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