Outfit ideas for your next hangout session

Outfit ideas that you don’t have to sweat over

Now that we are able to go out quite freely with the lockdown lifted, you may be thinking about what outfits to wear out. Most of us probably haven’t really worn anything else aside from office outfits and home clothes. Our wardrobes are pretty toned down since we can’t be anywhere much.

But that’s alright. Assuming you haven’t put on much weight, we have compiled a list of easy outfit ideas that fit seamlessly for your night out.

1. Classic little black dress

Little Black Dress
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This one is effortless and chic for any girl out there. It doesn’t matter if you are going out on a date or just to see friends for dinner, the LBD works. You don’t have to fret over pairing it with anything else as it goes with anything.

If it’s going to be cold, you can always throw on a jacket or a shawl. Or if the weather is hot, you can just wear it as it is. Depending on the occasion you are attending…you can go for heels if it’s a more official event. Or you can just slip on some sliders and just be on with it.

2. Slacks and polo/tee

Slacks and polo or tee
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If you are a guy, then this slack + polo/tee is a combo that is equivalent to the little black dress. Polos and tees tend to be more casual than for official occasion wear. This is mostly for when you are out shopping or at the movies with your friends, relatives, or SO.

3. Shorts and top

Shorts and top
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This is more of a “gender-neutral” suggestion. When you’re out shopping or to see your friends, then yeah this combination works. We get it, the Malaysian weather isn’t exactly the best. It’s hot and dry most times of the year. You don’t want to itch and sweat due to wearing long sleeves and long pants. Too much fabric can deter your skin from feeling comfortable.

We commonly see this combo among many young Malaysians. We see them at the shopping malls, at the movies, at restaurants, and cafes. Guys and girls all wear them and look comfortable in them. In some sense, we can say this outfit combo is a classic young Malaysian outfit.

4. Jeans

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Jeans are a classic go-to outfit for people who don’t really want to put too much effort into their outfits. Back then people tend to think that jeans are only to be worn to shopping sessions or for seeing friends. Though they are not wrong, jeans have pretty much come a long way.

Some offices actually allow their employees to wear jeans to the office – especially the ones that have a semi-formal work setting. Or some companies have a “dress down” day where jeans are perfectly acceptable. But keep in mind not every management approves of their employees wearing jeans in the office. Check with your company first before donning one to the office.

5. Sundresses

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The sundress is a comfortable outfit you can go for if you can’t be bothered with pairing up pants and a top. All you need to do is just throw it on, and you’ll be out of the house in no time. It’s a convenient outfit good for a laidback weekend too.

6. Jumpsuits

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Full-length jumpsuits tend to be worn in the office. However, there are the kinds where you can wear for the night or weekend out with your friends. Jumpsuits come in so many patterns and cuttings you’ll be spoilt for choice. The only downside? It makes your toilet run a wee bit too complicated.

Outfits don’t always need to go strictly by rules. If you are not a fashionista and have no idea what to wear for the next outing with your friends, then we hope this mini-article has given you some ideas.

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