The 4 types of A**holes you meet on the road.

The ability to drive a vehicle has become deeply entrenched into civilization that practically a majority of people have at least driven a car before. Sadly, due to the high number of drivers out there, it has become inevitable that we encounter a**holes on the road. The following are the crème de la crème of the shittiest people you can meet on the road.


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Driving at night entails its own risks and dangers, what’s worse is that there are selfish drivers out there who only make driving at night riskier. How many times have we been partially blinded when a driver tailgates you while having their high-beam, especially with a technically ‘illegal’ LED light that can probably reach the deepest parts of the Marianna Trench. The light is so bright that even the demons in your car would disintegrate when exposed to it.

In all seriousness, having to deal with a sudden burst of bright lights can cause temporary blindness due to the over exposure of light in a dark environment, our eyes would need a moment to adjust from the change which may take a few seconds. These few seconds can be extremely crucial in decision making should something happen on the road. Similarly, the sudden change in light can also cause minor headaches or migraines which can tire out a driver especially on long trips at night. The risk these high-beamers pose to other drivers shouldn’t be downplayed and serious action should be taken against these shitty a**holes.


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You’re at a busy T-junction patiently waiting for the right time to make your turn into the road. Just as you’re about to make your move, a car appears in the distance. You think to yourself, I’ll go after this car and wait for the car to pass. Just as the car is about to pass you, instead it takes a turn and you can’t help but to curse the son of a b**** as he not only caused you to waste your time, but you also missed your opportunity to make the turn because more cars are now coming.

Arguably the most evil of the bunch, these idiots who don’t understand the purpose of a turn signal should probably head back to driving school for another lesson. Even the devil himself would probably use a turn signal on the highway to hell just as a form of courtesy to other drivers. Those who refuse to use turn signals are definitely a selfish bunch of bas***ds.


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We all understand the frustrations with traffic lights, with their quick turnover rate from green to red, obviously many drivers will get angry waiting at traffic lights. Of all the drivers waiting for their turn at the light, one particular a**hole comes to mind as you can only find him in this particular situation. So the light turns green, and less than a second later you hear the car behind you honking like there is a stampede of rhinos on their way to collide from the back unless you quickly move. You look at the rear-view mirror only to see an impatient face, likely a person who grew up entitled, I mean what else could have made this special breed of a**holes right?

To honk at another car when the light is green can however be justifiable depending on the situation. There have been plenty of times that the car at the front is either busy using their phones to realize the light has changed or even someone who has fallen asleep cause he’s tired (from being exposed to high-beamers), to honk in these situations are certainly welcomed.


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Ever wondered why the lines at the toll booth can get so long although there aren’t many vehicles on the road to begin with? Of course, the answer is because of some drivers out there who elect to wind down their windows only after stopping parallel to the card reader. It’s the epitome of stupidity and selfishness for a person to behave in that way honestly. Is it really that hard to ensure you are ready to with your Touch n Go card when you reach the booth? Even the name of the system has provided us with the necessary action needed and instead, we have to face drivers who are unable to learn such a simple concept.

There are however certain exceptions to these situations, certain cars still use the old window mechanism and would need for the car to be at a stop before they can manage to wind down their windows. Some cars also experience faulty windows which would require the driver to open the door to touch the card reader. If these situations do not apply to you, then wind down your goddamn windows to prevent traffic from building up behind you. Every wasted second is compounded for the driver behind you and creates a massive traffic jam for everyone.

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