The Quarter-Life Crisis Is Real. Here’s What You Can Do

Life Is Passing Me By. What Do I Do Now?

Almost every young person has, at least once in their life, suffered from a quarter-life crisis. We usually hear of people suffering from mid-life crises where they ditch their responsibilities for some fun. These people are usually in their middle ages (middle age+ people) and they struggle with their mortality.

But now, it’s not just a mid-life crisis in existence. The quarter-life crisis exists too!

If you’re a millennial or younger person, you may or may not relate to this. According to Bradley University, a quarter-life crisis means:

“Similar to the more widely recognized midlife crisis, the quarter-life crisis is a period of uncertainty and questioning that typically occurs when people feel trapped, uninspired, and disillusioned during their mid-20s to early 30s. Clients may feel that they are stuck in a dead-end job while all of their friends advance their careers or wonder why they cannot seem to make a romantic relationship last when other members of their social group are getting married and having children.”

Understanding The Quarter-Life Crisis, Bradley University

It’s Easy To Be Caught In a Victim Mentality

It’s Easy To Be Caught In a Victim Mentality
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I get it. You’re not a happy youngster who keeps thinking that “life is not fair”. You may have witnessed your friends, your peers, your younger siblings, and relatives who keep climbing up the ladder of life. However, you, and only you yourself, look like you were left behind.

But hey, you don’t have to feel like crap about it. It’s easy to be caught in victimhood or victim mentality. Everybody can do that because it’s so easy to feel sorry for yourself.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be, but you also shouldn’t always wallow in your own sorrows. Do you think wallowing in your own sorrows will bring you out of your own “demise”? No, it doesn’t.

I agree, life isn’t fair. But it also does not mean you shouldn’t do anything about it. Stop wallowing in your sadness and stand up for yourself.

Life Isn’t Always Passing You By

Life Isn’t Always Passing You By
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Let’s be honest with ourselves. The reason why “life is passing us by” is not because it is what it is. It’s passing us by because sometimes what “life” has at that point in time is not for us. It’s an “opportunity” that is not made for us but for someone else. That’s why you keep seeing everyone else getting opportunities and keep moving upward in life.

Here are some ways you get yourself out of that quarter-life crisis “hell hole” and get you back on track.

1. Focus on improving yourself first

I’ve previously mentioned in one of my previous articles that you should not compare yourself with other people. Everyone may or may not be born with talents. If you’re born with talent, you can use your talent and move ahead in life. If you don’t, try finding your own passion and work from there.

I always strongly believe that you should focus more on improving and upgrading yourself than to compare yourself with others.

Comparing yourself with everyone around you will never make you happy. I am sure there are many areas of yourself that need improvement.

As soon as you have improved all areas of yourself, pick up a new skill. Upgrade yourself. Don’t just rest on your laurels and be comfortable about it. This is how life passes you by. Before you know it, you are left forgotten.

2. Keep looking and keep searching for opportunities

As I have mentioned earlier, some opportunities are not made or meant for you. There’s no point forcing yourself into it. These opportunities and you don’t fit. Why force yourself into it just because you see your friends in it? They got it because they can and because it was meant for them. Not you.

Your opportunity will come. Just not now. Sometimes there is virtue in patience. And you get your opportunity, make sure you do it well.

3. It is good to be curious

I understand coming from the last point, I’ve mentioned that not all opportunities are not made for you. Hence, no point in forcing yourself to go all out into the opportunity.

However, it’s a good thing to have a curiosity to learn more about the opportunity. Find out what it is, what it entails, etc. You don’t have to be committed and be dedicated to it.

At the same time, even if the opportunity is not for you, it’s okay. It’s still good to have curiosity. It’s good to be curious about learning new skills, new markets, new products, etc. Read and research as much as you can about the area you are currently reading into.

It may not be for you. But you can learn things about it. It can give you ideas for whatever projects you are currently working on.

4. Time to go solo, perhaps?

Sometimes life “passes you by” is not because it’s doing what it’s doing. You cannot control time but you can take hold of it and do something about it. When you see people going on in their life, it’s because they might have been doing things for their own, on their own. They don’t have people surrounding them and supporting them. We don’t know their struggles and their backstories. They may even be walking a lonely road for all we know.

So here’s what you can do. You do your thing first. Go solo if you have to. You will find that not everyone will walk with you with all that you are going through. Only you yourself understand your life and your goals best. Not anyone else. It can be lonely but it’s okay. You’ll have to find ways to cope.

Key Takeaway

So there, 4 things you can do yourself to ensure that life isn’t passing you by. Never stop feeling sorry for yourself. Self-victimhood and self-pity are cancerous it kills your future. Don’t ever let that happen to yourself.

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