Warlords Lock Horns, RAKYAT Suffer

It is an all-out civil war as the Malay Warlords locked horns to outmanoeuvre one another for the coveted seat of Putrajaya. The Umno-Bersatu cloak and dagger saga is a real-life plot played out for all and sundry to witness in this never-ending intrigue. I dare say the episodes in The Game of Thrones paled in comparison to this high-stakes doggedly fight to the death.

As PM Mahiaddin mulishly hang on to his seat, the voracious packs circled around, waiting to pounce at the most opportune moment. Umno itself is divided into at least two factions – the pro-DPM Sabri Ismail aka the Cabinet cluster (Cabinet ministers in the PN government) and the ‘kluster mahkamah’, those facing prosecutions in court mainly for bribery & misappropriation of public funds. The latter group includes the party President, Zahid Hamidi, ex-PM Najib Razak, and others facing CBT charges in court.

Zahid and gang have already made their moves and Mahiaddin is facing a revolt in his camp, as a few ministers, deputies, and GLC heads have broken ranks. The PN government is teetering as it is believed that PN now only has about 104 MPs in its stable as at least 11 Umno MPs have withdrawn their support for PN. So, does Mahiaddin still have the mandate to form the government?

But even with Mahiaddin out of the way, the Malaysian political waters are still murky. Malay warlords encircling Putrajaya are queuing up and the gridlock is building up. Zahid, Hishamuddin Hussein, and jaded warriors Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and Dr. Mahathir are all in the fray! Zahid, facing a multitude of court suits even has the audacity to nominate himself as the next PM.

Triple Alliance or Axis of Evil?
Image credit: Sinar Harian

On the other side of the camp is the Pakatan Harapan alliance comprising Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR, DAP, the progressive Islamist technocrats – led Parti Amanah Negara, and their trusted ally, Parti Warisan Sabah. This PH pact cannot garner a simple majority of 111 votes within themselves to form a legitimate government. A fragile PH government mapped together with the ravenous Umno herd is a recipe for disaster. This is why Malaysia is in such uncharted waters unparalleled before since her independence in 1957.

Never before is Parliament, the King, and the rakyat held at ransom in these perilous times of uncertainty. With Covid-19 raging on to over 20,000 cases daily, hundreds of lives are lost per day. The economy is at a standstill – widespread unemployment, hunger, and suicides become the orders of the day. Is Parliament now reduced to being a tool to hang onto power? The revered institution of the monarchy is the Rakyat’s only hope to restore order. The King and his Conference of Rulers is the last bastion to restore democracy. A royal decree can and must be adhered to by all parties. Those who have lost their majority and hence the legitimacy to rule must leave; and if need be, removed.

It is time to reconstruct the socio-political landscape of the nation. No one ethnic-based party can form the government of the day. There must be a grand coalition of parties committed to sharing out the rich resources of our homeland anchored on justice and equality as enshrined in the Constitution of the nation. A hanging government with a slim majority does not augur well for the people. It is too weak, too volatile to revamp, revive, and to resurrect our ailing country.

To conclude, those heinous warlords who were and are guilty of looting the treasury of the nation must never be given an iota of a chance to ravage our land again. I challenge the young people to come fore, take charge and run this blessed nation of ours. Remember, “Today is Tomorrow”, wait no more for you are going to inherit Malaysia. Help us, God!

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